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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 28, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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she keeps her priority. that's "special report" for tonight. i'm chris wallace in washington. keep it right here on fox where more news is always on the way. captions by closed captioning services >> shepard: this is "the fox report." tonight, how the herman cain story broke. and what it means going forward. is he still viable? was he ever? president candidate newt gingrich fresh off a key endorsement in mitt romney's own backyard and now looking to win some more support. and governor romney facing a new attack from the democratic party. tonight, how all this could shake up the republic race. a big east school cans a coach after more accusations of molesting children and a damning phone call between one accuser and the coach's wife. we'll play the new recording from the scandal at syracuse.
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plus, these senior citizens were once pro-football rivals. seems they still hold a grudge. tonight, what happened all those years ago that had these 73-year-olds fist fighting on stage? but, first, from fox this monday night, the presidential candidate herman cain is facing a new accuser. this time it's not about sexual harassment at all instead, this time a woman has just come forward to say she had a 13-year affair with herman cain. the woman is a business woman from atlanta. her name is ginger white. she says herman cain used to fly her to cities and give her gifts. and she tells our station waga, fox 5 for atlanta that the affair began in the 1990s and only ended months ago. >> it wasn't complicated. i was aware that he was married. and i was also aware that i was involved in a very
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inappropriate situation, relationship. he made it very intriguing. it was fun. it was something that took me away from my sort of hum drum life at the time. and it was exciting. >> shepard: well, about two hours before white's interview aired herman cain went on tv and warned this news was about to break. he acknowledged he knows ginger white but denies they had an affair. >> i mean, i am asking awkward questions but these are questions you are going to be asked. was this an affair. >> no, it was not. >> was there sex. >> no. >> shepard: doesn't flat out deny the affair at all but does include the following line. >> shepard: in other words, kindly butt out. we have team fox coverage
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tonight james rosen in washington. first to waga reporter russell who is in atlanta and broke the story for waga fox 5. go get, man. tell us exactly what else she says about these affair allegations. >> well, she says it was an on and off affair that lasted for the 13 years. that it wasn't continual. as you heard her say it wasn't complicated. it was very simple. there were no love letters because she says it wasn't that kind of relationship. and that herman cain was the same man that you see on the campaign trail. >> very much confident, very much sure of himself. very arrogant in a playful, sometimes way. very herman cain loves herman cain. >> ginger white says the physical art pat of this relationship ended 8 months ago. >> shepard: does she say why she is coming forward now. >> what she said or what we heard is there a tipster that
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knew about this alleged relationship who told us about it and told other national media about it. everyone started reaching out to ginger white. she told me that she felt trapped and that the story was going to get out and she wanted to take control of it and let it get out on her own terms. even though as you will hear she told me she knew it would be the end of the relationship. >> i think it's safe to say that after this interview we can assume that that will be the end of it. yes. yes. we have a friendship now. >> that friendship includes constant contact on a cell phone. a private cell phone, 61 calls i counted. texts or cell phone calls in and out to herman cain's own private call. the latest one september of this year. >> shepard: it's my understanding, dale, that you called that number that you saw on that records you got herman cain, you spoke with him. how did that go down? >> yeah, we actually texted him and said give us a call. he called right back. we started talking about it and he told me that he knew
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her. and the interesting thing that i thought that he said was there was no affair. he called it a false allegation. he did tell me that he was helping her or had helped her financially. now, he had kind of a different tone when he went on cnn before the story aired. >> we chased all of these other rumors for two weeks before and as it turned out, they were baseless, why? because they weren't able to come up with any documentation, any proof, or anything that was credible. so we will address these when they come out but at this point i just wanted to give you a heads up, i don't have anything to hide. >> but as we said ginger white says the cell phone calls are proof, are documentation. that's the way she sees it. and now it's up to herman cain to respond to that. >> shepard: dale russell fox 5 atlanta waga. thanks so much. the house speaker newt gingrich is looking to bring
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his momentum to south carolina. he is attending a town hall meeting in charleston. part of a three day swing with tea party activists. this comes after the newly republic frontrunner picks up endorsement from the union leader newspaper. you will recall that new hampshire is the first in the nation presidential library. endorsement from the state's largest newspaper sometimes wrong on endorsement could have a big impact on the race. new hampshire borders massachusetts and governor romney's home territory, something of a political slap in the face from right next door. james rosen has the news. he is live for us in washington tonight. how big a deal is this endorsement, james? >> it's a big deal of sorts, shep. the union leaders boasts one of the most staunchly conservative editorial pages in america. the paper says newt gingrich was by no means a perfect candidate but he has the experience, the leadership qualities and the vision to lead america.
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>> we think he did well back in the 1990s bringing the republicans to power and we think he is the innovative guy. i don't think just changing out obama next year is going to do it. >> on the other hand, only twice since 1972 has the union leader endorsed the eventual g.o.p. nominee. that would be ronald reagan in 1980, john mccain in 2000. former utah governor jon huntsman mired in single digits says this endorsement only shows the fluid at this of the race, shep. >> shepard: going after mitt romney with a new ad and part humor, part gotcha. >> oh, yeah. this is a 30-second spot. it's going to air in six battleground states. it's a hollywood trailer spoof that teases up a more thorough web ad four minutes long. >> from the creator of i'm running for office for pete's sake comes this story of two men trapped in one body.
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mitt vs. mitt. >> i will preserve and protect a woman's right to choose, the right next step is to see if roe v. wade overturns. >> two mitts willing to say anything. >> the last thing the white house wants is to have to run against mitt romney anthony saul in a statement. so, instead of focusing on the economy and creating jobs. democrats. there you are. focused on tearing down mitt romney. the is cicadas that we call political ads have returned. >> shepard: technical glitches have as well too. there is a sex abuse scandal unfolding in a major athletics power house. this time the sport is basketball and the university is syracuse. now a third man has come forward claiming the team's long-time assistant basketball coach bernie fine molested him when he was a child. earlier this month two stepbrothers came forward making similar claims. coach fine had denied all of this but yesterday syracuse
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university fired him after 36 years of service when the scandal first broke, the team's legendary head coach jim bay heim said in a statement bernie has my full support but then he released another statement saying i believe the university took the ahope i can't tell step tonight and now an audio recording has surfaced which appears to suggest that bernie fine's wife knew about something. you will decide. espn's program outside the lines aired portion of a 2002 phone call that one of the alleged victims reportedly recorded while speaking with fine's wife. here listen.
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>> shepard: and as if that were not enough, there was another apparent big twist in this story involving bernie fine's wife and bernie fine's accuser. the accuser who says the coach molested him and fine's wife also had an affair. that's according to the accuser. he said the sexual affair happened after 18. bobby dafings is his name. now 39 years old. he said he had a sexual relationship with fine's wife 31 years ago and he told fine about it. davis thought fine would kill him but he had to tell him. he said it didn't phase the assistant coach one bit. learned of the former ball boy's allegations in 2005 and opened an investigation but didn't have that audiotape or any corroborating witnesses. the syracuse police department says it first learned of the tape last thursday and says it brought it to the attention of
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the u.s. attorney's office and will be handing over all of its information to the u.s. attorney tomorrow, shep. >> shepard: the new accuser, what more do we know about him. >> zach is 23 years old. he said that fine molested him in a pittsburgh motel room nine years ago. but thomas sully has his own legal trublesz facing multiple charges in maine for allegedly molesting a 14-year-old boy. he says that has nothing to do with him now. he also accused his own father of molesting him. that man says thomas is a liar. here is how he described the beginning of the abuse. >> do i remember getting out of a shower and there was a mirror kind of by the bathroom. he was sitting on the bed and he was looking at me get out of the shower through the mirror that reflected into the bathroom. >> well, the secret service helped execute the search of fine's home last friday. the u.s. attorney's office now handling the case and state lines may have been crossed and the pittsburgh police department says it will also help in the investigation. >> shepard: rick leventhal on the crisis at syracuse.
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now the fallout from the penn state child sex abuse scandal. the former assistant football coach there jerry sandusky, his charity is now asking their donors to now give their person who elsewhere. of course sandusky faces 40 counts of child molestation including rape. lawyers for one of his alleged victims are seeking a court order to prevent the charity from unloading its assets. coach sandusky founded the second mile charity in the 1970s. prosecutors say coach sandusky met his victims through that charity. the coach denies the allegations. another potentially devastating blow to the relationship between the united states and pakistan that nuclear nation is now furious. after nato attacked one of its country's outposts and killed dozens of its soldiers, by the thousands they are demonstrating. what this means for america's longest war. plus, a college professor arrested for kiddy important on a plane. how a fellow passenger helped bust the guy.
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>> shepard: a university of utah professor has now pleaded not guilty to viewing kiddy porn on a plane. it started during a
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cars to chevy volt owners amid concerns that the car could catch fire. that's after a couple crash test after one battery pack caught fire and another started smoking. nobody has reported any volts catching fire anywhere outside of the laboratory. the loner cars are available in case anybody is aworried about it. prime s&p in the disappearance of an american woman set to walk free after police ruled they do not have any evidence to hold him longer. as you will recall robyn gardner vanished after vacation in august with man gary giordano a man she met online. he claimed the ocean swept her away while they were snorkeling. gardner's family and friends said the woman rarely subsequent swimming. at the time he took out 1.5-million-dollar life insurance policy on gardner. after she disappeared, cops caught up with this guy
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giordano as he tried to board a plane back to the united states. of course, there is no murder weapon and at the moment there is no victim. not one they can find. "the fox report's" chief correspondent jonathan hunt is with us. this man giordano will be out of jail before a prosecution appeal is even heard. >> yeah, as we have seen over the last few years shep, the aruban justice system works in mysterious ways. this is how this will go down by 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night according to his attorney gary giordano has to be released from jail in aruba. then at 11:00 a.m. on wednesday, the prosecution appeal against him being released is actually heard by which time one would expect gary giordano will have high tailed it out of aruba back to the united states. our own legal analyst randy zellen says that is not by any means the end of the story. listen. >> if the arubans go back and they do further investigating and they come up with the smoking gun, they come up with
4:19 pm
sufficient evidence, at that point if giordano is gone, they can seek the extradition of mr. giordano from, for example, the united states back to aruba. it's a treaty issue. if they have the goods, they have the evidence then, trust me, they will get them back. >> and, of course, there is always the possibility, shep, that as soon as he sets foot on u.s. soil the fbi could rearrest him. >> shepard: giordano's lawyers have been asking if for a long time. >> yeah. they said this is a man against whom there has never been any concrete evidence to connect him disappearance of robyn gardner. cried when he was told about his release. >> shepard: jonathan hunt, thank you. what a day on wall street, scotts skyrocketing amid hopes of a fix to the crisis in europe. a crisis that that analysts have warned could bring down the currency. and reports of a major explosion just a short time ago in iran. but the iranian government is
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>> shepard: the white house is now calling the killing of 24 pakistani troops a tragedy. and it's promising to investigate. but the damage to america's relationship with pakistan may already be done. conveniently so forth pakistanis. protests are gathering across cities in that country all because of what happened over the weekend. officials in afghanistan say afghan commandos and u.s. special forces were working near the border with pakistan when they took fire from somewhere in pakistan. they say they responded. the pakistani army spokesman says the air strikes lasted nearly two hours. and she says the shooting did
4:24 pm
not stop, even when pakistani commanders asked nato to call off its troops. conor powell streaming live with the fallout in the afghan capital city of kabul. conor. >> anti-americanism has been on the rise in pakistan for last much of the last year accelerating after the raid to kill usama bin laden in may. and now today you had more pakistanis on the streets chanting anti-american slogans and protesting the relationship between pakistan and america. and even pakistan's prime minister today yousef ghailani said that the entire u.s. pakistani relationship must be reevaluate and it will no longer be business as usual between the u.s. and pakistan. for all of the anger on the pakistani side. there is an equal amount of distrust among american commanders here in afghanistan who actively think that the pakistanis are encouraging, helping and actively providing support to the taliban and waging the insurgency here in
4:25 pm
afghanistan. there is a great deal of distrust between both sides. but this relationship over the past year has taken many hits and it continues to go on. it is a relationship where both sides need each other for a lot different reasons and will likely continue to move forward even if both sides don't like each other, don't trust each other. they are married to each other. and neither side, despite the rhetoric are likely to divorce each other any time soon, shepard. >> shepard: conor powell live early this tuesday morning in kabul. federal judge here at home says the public has the right to know whether a major u.s. bank made money by misleading investors. the judge threw out a 28 a million-dollar settlement between citigroup and the securities and exchange commission. the feds accused citigroup of betting against a complex mortgage investment back in 2007 making millions while investors lost their money. the judge said the statement was, quote, neither fair nor reasonable nor adequate nor in the public interest because it allowed the bank to deny any wrongdoing even as it paid
4:26 pm
penalties. he said a -- set a trial date for the case and leaders at both citigroup and the fec say they disagree with the judge's ruling. occupy protesters in two major cities faced eviction orders but in the end they were not the ones who left. now, the protesters are heading to court with a lawsuit of their own and the details are ahead. plus, americans are apparently back in a real spending mood. record-breaking black friday crowds. and cyber monday sales today, wait until you hear those stories. it's the bottom of the hour. top of the news after this. how could a luminous protein in jellyfish, impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> shepard: apple is reportedly fine tuning one of the late steve jobs' final gadgets. a wall street analyst with a history of accurately predicting apple products says that the electronics company sharp would soon start making screens for an apple television set. according to the new biography of steve jobs the apple co-founder said he had finally cracked the tv. insiders say the device could be the first to seemlessly combine traditional television with the internet. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. and a huge day on wall street. would you look at that. the dow up almost 300. the biggest jump in a month. nasdaq up 86. and the s&p 500 up 34.
4:31 pm
partially because folks are hitting the stores in huge numbers. the retail study firm shopper track reports we spent more than $11 billion on black friday alone and that's new record. and now we're told online sales for today, cyber monday, are already up 15% from last year. shoppers taking advantage of big internet discounts from companies including wal-mart and best buy. as well as gerri willis from the fox business network is is with us. it's a great start. yea great start. do we expect it to continue? >> well, that's another question. let me tell you about some of these good numbers today. online sales up 26%. 50 million visitors to amazon's web site over the black friday holiday weekend. entire holiday weekend which is unheard of, amazing. online sales here setting new records. but they always do. look at those numbers. every quarter this year up double digits digits. fantastic growth rate. but, to answer your question, the national retail federation
4:32 pm
says overall retail sales will only grow 2 bone 8 -- 2.8%. >> that's better than negative 2.8%: >> we did get negative on the outlook for the u.s. credit rating. >> that's correct. fitch is one of three credit rating agencies that rates the sovereign u.s. treasury debt. they said they were changing outlook to negative. why? because the super committee failed. they did not like that. they want the committee to come up with some kind of resolution. they want congress to come up with some kind of resolution for $15 trillion in debt. it hasn't happened. they changed their outlook. it's not as bad as having a rating cut, okay? it ain't good. >> shepard: there is a plan for cutting the $1.2 trillion. they may not like the ut it's there. >> it's there. and it will go into effect maybe. we don't know. congress could decide something else entirely. >> shepard: we don't know anything, comforting, isn't it, to be in touch with that reality. >> smart, probably. >> shepard: gerri willis fro the business.
4:33 pm
on at 5:00 eastern, 4:00 oxford. not here on this channel but on the fox business network. stocks also surged on new hopes that europe could be on the verge of ground breaking solution to its debt crisis. this as president obama met with european leaders in d.c. today and warned that failure to act and quickly could devastate the u.s. economy. >> europe is having difficulties, then it's much more difficult for us to create good jobs here at home because we send so many of our products and services to europe. it is such an important trading partner for us. and so we have got a stake in their success and we will continue to work in a constructive way to try to resolve this issue. >> shepard: european leaders are now considering what some are calling a radical plan in which a sort of united states of europe would take control of national budgets. of course time is running short. analysts warn that the euro could collapse in a matter of days. well, deadlines have come and gone for the occupy wall street protesters to leave some camps in a couple of major es.
4:34 pm
many of the demonstrators have not gone anywhere. let's start in philly. dozens the present time and protests remain outside of city hall hours after the deadline came and went. some are vowing not to leave unless and until the city carries them out. it needs the protests to move and get out of the way of a construction project. police say the protests are peaceful. [chanting] >> whose street? >> our street. >> shepard: in los angeles occupy wall street protesters chanting our street as the mayor says to -- kicking out the anti-wall street protesters but cops did open streets for morning commuters. police made four arrests but say there were no major incidents. adam housley with the news live in los ange afternoon. what about that deadline, adam? >> yeah, shepard. as the sun goes down in los
4:35 pm
angeles we are approaching 17 hours past the deadline. we believe the mayor is going to use this new sign to evict protesteight. that's the thought. the sign now says that the park closes at 10:30 p.m. that wasn't there before. we have seen police out here. they have been counting tents. they set up an area where they are going to put their command station. they are already marking it off on the sidewalk. the thought is, shepard, they will come in after the late news tonight locally and evict a lot of these protesters who say they will not leave. shepard? >> shepard: adam, protesters reportedly filed a petition in federal court, right? what do we know of that? >> yeah. we know about this petition. it basically says that the city council had passed a resolution here saying the protesters were welcome and the mayor by kicking them out would be overstating and overstepping his bounds. so they want to file this -- they filed the papers and the federal court won't rule on that for a couple of days. which means the mayor has a couple of days to make good on promise to evict them. they tried to file these papers to stop the mayor from moving them out. if the court is not going to rule on that a couple of days the mayor could move t out before that ruling could
4:36 pm
ever come, shepard. >> shepard: adam housley live in los angeles. thanks. u.s. intelligence says they are investigating reports of a miss serious blast, explosion in iran reportedly happened not that long ago near a nuclear site in the western part of the country. it is not iran's first such explosion, ulained in recentonths. catherine herridge is in washington. catherine, this appears to be, i don't know, part of a pattern. >> well, that's right, shep. a national security official confirms to fox that the u.s. intelligence community is investigating e reported blast iran satellite imagery is being used to assess the conditions on the ground this hour. key link in iran's nuclear program because it's where mined uranium arr and converted to a chemical run through centrifuges to provide enriched uranium. several explanations for explosion, a center with a significant oil and gas industry. given the explosion, the national security official say
4:37 pm
the question whether there is a concerted campaign against iran's nuclear program, the aftermath of that explosion can be seen in these satellite images provided by washington, d.c.'s institute for science and international security that tracks iran'uclear build up. earlier today a senior intelligence official says the u.s. may not have the complete picture of iran's program and its capabilities. >> i worry on the american side we overestimate the ther our intelligence or the skill and access of the iaea to know everything. >> a series of reportsch would not be independently confirmed tonight some iranian officials denied an explosion even happened. we do expect a better readout from u.s. officials perhaps as early as tomorrow. >> shepard: catherine herridge, we will look for that, thank y historic night in egypt. the country's first ended decades of dictatorship. lots of egyptians say they still do not have a true democracy they want it now. live in cairo. the police say the former
4:38 pm
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>> shepard: what a day in egypt. millions lined up at the polls for the count first parliamentary election hosni mubarak. the voting today said to be mostly peaceful and one u.s. congressman tnesse from cai calls this the beginning of a new era there. >> from theeports that i have gotten, it is like night and day to see elections that have been hen the past here. think that there is a ere desire t this country proceed and and moveahe. >>rd: but egypt's parliament serveser the ling military counsel so
4:42 pm
t free.tivists say they are they will keep up the protests in people's squ militaryders say that will not happen until next summer but that's earlier than the tiine that they in placa week ago. greg palkot streaming live from cairo now. greg? >> shep, the turnout on monday was remarkable. we went out to the polling station. we saw the long lines extending from several places, talked to an observer. at the end of the da estes the turnout 60%. compthat to 10 to 15% for the last parliamentary election in the mubaraa. with that, that also brought confusion. that brought a pog stations.e heard at a few votinger regulators. also we have heard of some violence but nothing major. e experts think it's going really quitel. the big winners aording to me we were speaking to, the very organized and iist brother they have gottenote
4:43 pm
s of all the parties that aring right now. or the maryel, well, we ran i at one of the pollg station were at the military chief of this country field marshall and we put it to him when are you going to step down? hed i don't want to stick around. i want to step down but also indicated as you noted that he t be sticking around for at least anotherix or seven montnd some people at too happy abou that. behie inahrir square the seen since we have been here. down there r now as we morning.about 2:40 in the polls okae in five hours. it'sk to the ballot boxes and away from the barricade. ba to u, shep. >> sherd: greg palkot streaming live in orlando.>> poa suspect in the disappearan of three.
4:44 pm
the worm's former fiance dale smith. ou m 33--old michelle parker was last seen on november 17th. the same day she appeared on the episode o the people' court arguinghx .hear listen. >> h shouldn't havast m over last and a half in sea world. truck and left >> shepard: she reportedly went on the show after her former fiance sued her for the cost of their $5,000 engagement ring. r last known phone call to her father. ow on wednesday mor 8:40. i knhat you are at work. call me whether you have lunch or you have break or at the end of your day, okay? ve you. i will s bye. t was the end oft fa we know. take lie dr test and his whereabouts are unknown. ace gallagher is liveutn is t new ence that. sof points to this exfiance.
4:45 pm
he said they had to look all the aspects of this case at dale smith wasand said suspect. the inveation was going that way weekend in the police madat very aggr raid of le smith'sather. they went in w tear gas. theyd everybody out of young childrmichelle parker. the family of parker believes police tho that she was inside home, cle she opinioale smith.hanging ld have avoid this and cooperated with t pol anok aol test when they asked you, d have unately youghtess. is onelf.we're o unt we find out who de love our mice mu. >> thas at a press conference just a sht time ago. smith was the last pn own pern to seelle
4:46 pm
rd: what more do weedtheir twin. >> we know he has a very the way to t militarl scharge out of the marines after he was t convicted in military court. one time for drugs. r time for domestic battery charges. look at that six arrests in orange county, florida. one for drugs. two of them forravated ery. chelle parker also claims he re is parker's sister ats. that ne mang a i ao daleth. that yoldi bak us. e mother of you r atne point those childrene aid,hep, dale smit ear even ifee he w wousted at t.
4:47 pm
>> s: trace llagher live tonight, than you te hasew footballcoach.ion. aiar face, too. one ofoaches getting back in the game. plus, congressman ba is retiring. says he had been plann t again hanged his you can'ryl into that we will first nn ahee wr a mal] exus d ... nly for a limited time. a see your lexus dealer.
4:48 pm
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4:52 pm
shep. the most the powerfu coversial member t eah, ay.kning constituen wm to rev f yoe?r tab nversainith adinioole ex schemou the
4:53 pm
nnd had a >> ofoaftn the schohas offhetroubl annod ited tkeyesf thest tballches a bi homecoming. rt of the todayer kete o oo.t beac>>ti simpl the cla win on the saying gtuut bigns he was at theversity neea therem tonal chanships befe cou ts go he horts o h trouble and re is tharomehatas partf
4:54 pm
timapparently it' ainre it' ainre next ♪ ♪ when the when that you neeth ou need ♪ ♪ come at just thright speed,th th'eelostics. ♪ ♪ icine that cin't wait fs tarey ght, t♪ by ♪ ♪ that's lohat'ics.logi ♪ ic freht freight fx you, box b fs tarey ght, t♪ by ♪ ♪ tha's logis ♪ ♪ s ing ti s, cutting stress,g♪ 's logistics. ♪ tulations. cotions.
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th at aon incouv arecationonke other n
4:58 pm
be our team's ves. poliw yoity sayfduty police offr thetrrsns dtomorntp him. t mf nuan busineims had a 13rrit th prential a ann ys veex. thy did one htstonr
4:59 pm
sters nats ory. there wereor th people t club, e thegal. and th a busboy, aently lit a match tnge a light bulb in th basem in no time, the flames spread to the m floor, which was deted then withpes an papalm tre there was but exitnd it a resving door. many fn the cs chano get out of tir seats. the fire each temporarily headlines b a tdyockeyearo28 e'm ks f y ck tom nfic
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